Philadelphia Community Space for Artists & Freelancers

Community Space for Artists, Designers & Freelancers Coming to South Philadelphia

Update (March 2010)

We are looking into the possibility of opening next Spring. If you are interested in being apart of the community, please join our mailing list to the right.

It's taking a little longer than we first planned, but we think the space and community will be even better.

About P³

P³ is creating an exciting coworking space for designers, printers, photographers, freelancers and entrepreneurs in South Philadelphia. This cafe style shared work environment focuses on Creative people, openness, collaboration and Community.

We will be providing wi-fi internet, desks, tables, sewing machines, a silkscreen press, a photo studio, small gallery and a lot of coffee. We are an incubator where you can create, and hopefully sell your work. Along the way, you'll make friends, get inspired & learn something new.

P³ is for coworkers, graphic designers, the inspiring famous artists, fine art printers, anyone with a home office and all those who simply want to be apart of a creative community.

We're hoping to open our doors in Spring 2012. If you are interested in being apart of p³ let us know by joining our mailing list.

This could be your oppertunity to create your own job or move your home office into a creative community, or come in for coffee, fine art, good times and friends.

Join our community.